Lady Charlotte—Deals with abuse toward herself and the children she is charged to protect.  With the help of the handsome Duke of Nottingham, Lady Charlotte overcomes adversity.


Sophia Strathmore


Romance Writer


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· The Lady Charlotte

· The Lady Claire

· The Lady Daphne

· The Lady Felicia



Lady Claire— Falls for the handsome Earl of Rochester, a known rake and gambler, but what Claire learns about this mysterious man in no way resembles the persona that society has placed upon him


Lady Daphne—Feeling the call of service, Daphne enters the Nightingale School of Nursing.  Her teenage crush, Dr. Robert Thompson becomes her real life seducer.  As Dr. Thompson struggles with demons from his past, will his love of Daphne be enough?



Lady Felicia—Educated at Vassar, Felicia returns to England and the society she left behind.  Having her first season at age twenty-two is a bit daunting.  Feeling the binding tethers of society, Felicia is happy when her friend, American industrialist James Drake, arrives.  Will James and Felicia be able to build their love while navigating the waters of society?


Kendrick Series

Four sisters raised in Victorian England work to advance the rights of women and children.  Each struggles against adversity and each walks a unique path to leave their indelible mark on society.